Why Men Pick the Uglier Girl to Be Their Mistress

Why Men Pick the “Uglier” Girl to Be Their Mistress and Signs She’s The Perfect Side-Piece

As much as it sickens me to admit, I have been the other woman in two separate relationships. Please keep the heckling to yourself. Believe me, this is not something I am, by any means, proud of and is far from the woman I am today.

But, a question was posed, “Why do men always cheat with uglier woman than their significant other?” After I got over the initial sting of being labeled “the uglier one,” it got me thinking why this is, in most cases, the truth.

Men and His Mistress

Why was I always picked as the back-up plan and never the leading actress? I wouldn’t say it was my physical appearance that was “uglier,” though I’m sure that’s up for debate, but I would say emotionally I was hideous. This is like lamb chops to a lion for cheating men. Men don’t want to put more elbow grease into a relationship. They already have the trophy girl; they want someone who is going to be up for: waiting by the phone for the calls day in and day out, sneaking around, never going on actual dates and feeling miserable about themselves. Now, who better for this than girls who already feel miserable about themselves?

In most cases, men aren’t looking for someone to “date.” They are looking for someone to have sex with and feed their egos. They aren’t going to go hunting for beautiful, successful, put-together women at business functions. They are going to find someone who’s crying into their beer at a crusty saloon. That girl is prime picking for the “other woman.”


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