15 Top Tips for Guys to Attract Women on the Beach

15 Top Tips for Guys to Attract Women on the Beach

How to attract girls on the beach? Forget the six packs and bulging biceps, read on for real life tips meant for regular guys looking to impress bikini clad women on the beach.

Before you strip down to your swimwear and make your way to the hot and sunny shores expecting to be the eye candy for every girl on the beach, remember these do’s and don’ts – from what to wear to how to behave.

1) Always go shirtless: Never cover up

Covering your body on the beach can be seen as a sign of insecurity. Whether you are a skinny guy, muscular hunk, big, fat or slightly on the chubby side, never cover your torso when you are on the beach.

Don’t wear a t-shirt or any other kind of top. The beach is all about wearing swimwear and nothing else. If you are afraid of the sun, put on heaps of sun block with adequate SPF protection.

2) Pick swimwear that suits your body and personality

Just like how you wouldn’t expect an extremely chubby woman to parade her assets in a thong, don’t get carried away and avoid making the same faux pas yourself.

Looking attractive on the beach is a result of picking the right type of swimwear, and being comfortable in it. Wear those tight Speedos only if you have a muscular, lean and a super fit body.

Trunks and surf shorts are generally considered as no-nonsense and blunder proof swimwear. For guys who have skinny body frames or find themselves on the chubbier side, trunks may be the best pick. Jammers and wetsuits should be avoided unless you are going surfing or going to be doing other water sports.

The color of your swimwear is a personal choice but if you want to attract girls on the beach, play it safe and avoid pink and other bright neon colors. Light and dark shades of blue, red, grey and black are a safe bet.


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