Top 10 Celebrities Who Commissioned One-Off Supercars

Ah, to be a celebrity. Fame and fortune, babes as far as the eye can see, rockin’ penthouse suites, and (perhaps most importantly) awesome cars. Today, in honor of letting a brother dream, we count down 10 one-off supercars that were commissioned by celebrities. From a horribly garish custom DeLorean to an unbelievably sexy Ferrari GG50 we touch em’ all.

10 Celebrities Who Commissioned One-Off Supercars

10. West Coast Customs Delorean

Celebrity Owner:

Love it or hate it (we kind of hate it)’s custom DeLorean is a true original. Completed in 2011, the Black Eyed Peas front man reportedly paid West Coast Customs $700,000 for the special build. Okay..whatever.

9. Cadzilla

Celebrity Owner: Billy Gibbons

The Cadzilla may not be a bona fide supercar but we just don’t care. This thing is too damn sexy for us not to include in this list. Created by late hot rod designer extraordinaire, Boyd Coddington, the Cadzilla is one of the most coveted one-off custom cars of all time. Want it? You’ll have to wait until ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons kicks the bucket.

8. 1934 Lincoln Model 40 Special Speedster

Celebrity Owner: Edsel Ford (deceased)

Edsel Ford’s personal (and very one-off) speedster was an absolute show-stopper back in its day. Designed by Ford’s chief designer E.T. Gregorie, the model 40 was inspired by fighter jets and took over a year to complete. We only wish we could get some seat time in this sexy beast.

7. Ferrari FX

Celebrity Owner: Sultan of Brunei

This one-off Ferrari began life as a 512M but was quickly transformed into a nearly unrecognizable version of its former self by the car-crazy Sultan of Brunei. It may not be beautiful but it’s still kind of awesome.

6. Hennessy Venom GT Spyder

Celebrity Owner: Steven Tyler

Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler knows how to rock – and spend some serious scrilla. He recently purchased the first (and perhaps only) Hennessy Venom GT Spyder for a jaw-dropping, heart attack inducing $1.1M. We’ve got a bad case of automotive envy.

5. Moal Roadster

Celebrity Owner: Tim Allen

Legendary coach-builder Steve Moal crafted this custom rod for funnyman Tim Allen in the late 90s. Everything – and we mean everything – was handcrafted in Moal’s state-of-the-art California workshop. We are in love.

4. The Searcher One

Celebrity Owner: Wilt Chamberlain (deceased)

Wilt designed this Le Mans style racer in 1996 for a reported cost of $750,000. While we commend him for his gusto, he really should have enlisted the help of a trained automotive designer. This thing is hideous.

3. Ferrari GG50

Celebrity Owner: Giorgetto Giugiaro

To commemorate a half-century spent as a world-renowned Ferrari designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro was allowed to design his very own¬†Ferrari.The¬†resulting car was the aptly titled, GG50. Hand-formed using a 612 platform and boasting a 540hp V12, it’s a clever blend of classic Ferrari design cues and futuristic whimsy. We are salivating.

2. GM EcoJet

Celebrity Owner: Jay Leno

In 2006, Jay Leno looked to General Motors’ Advanced Design Studio to create this one-off, 650hp, turbine-powered EcoJet. After six months in the design studio and another six in production, the EcoJet was delivered to Jay’s secret warehouse in California. Love is a beautiful thing.

1. Ferrari 458 SP 12

Celebrity Owner: Eric Clapton

The Ferrari Special Projects Division might be the coolest thing ever. For a price – usually around $2M- Ferrari will design and build the one-off supercar of your dreams. Eric Clapton’s 458 SP 12, made to look like a modern version of the iconic 512 Boxer, was unveiled in London in 2011. We love every curve on this sexy dream machine.

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