The argument for electric vehicles has largely been that they’re poised to diminish emissions levels to record lows. But over the last five years, they’ve also been smashing a whole host of other records — for distance, acceleration and pure, unadulterated speed.

I can’t sift through my inbox in the A.M. without news of an EV claiming a new 0-60 record for production vehicles, or Tesla beating Tesla at its own game. Case in point: the daredevil duo Jordan Hart and Bradley D’Souza, who recently jetted from Redondo Beach to East 31st Street in New York in a 2015 Tesla Model S in an astonishing 51 hours and 47 minutes later, smashing the Cannonball Runtime for electrics.

For my own edification  — and your enjoyment — here’s a brief rundown of all the records EVs have left in the dust over the last five years.

September 2012: Nemesis
An EV breaks the UK land speed mark by breaching 150 mph for the first time, laying waste to the 137 mph previously held by Sir Michael Campbell. The ride? Nemesis, a second-hand, eBay-purchased Lotus with heavy modifications. The car ticked 153.022 mph at the Elvington Airfield just outside of York in the skillful hands of racer Nick Ponting.


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