7 Ways It Bests The Old One: 2018 Ford Mustang Review

Most people were so focused on the visual changes brought along by the sixth-gen Mustang, that the stuff going on under the bodywork and behind the alleged ‘sad’ face were left forgotten about. Well, allow us to nudge them back to the forefront of your mind, because Ford’s mid-life Mustang refresh has resulted in a very different car indeed.

Let us take you through it…

The suspension changes make a big difference

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One of my biggest gripes of the outgoing ‘Stang is the damping: it was woeful. Somehow wallowy and crashy at the same time, it had all the sophistication and grace of The Hulk attempting figure skating.

Now though, there’s the option of MagneRide adaptive dampers. These are filled with a “unique fluid,” Ford says, which can be “electronically stimulated” to alter damping resistance. How they behave depends on the driving mode you’re in, but the system also has sensors that monitor a thousand times a second while you drive so the dampers can be constantly tweaked for the best performance possible.

Sounds awfully clever when enthusiastically plastered all over a press release, but in the real world, they do work: the 2018 ‘Stang is far more composed when your helmsmith demands are increased, yet whatever mode you’re in, the car now actually rides properly.

We weren’t able to try passive dampers out on the launch in the South of France, but they’ve been recalibrated, so should hopefully be much better. We’ll find out in due course, and keep our fingers crossed, as if a Mustang needs the posher dampers to ride properly, that’s something you’ll need to stump up £1600 for.


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