22 Car Myths We Thought Were True, But Were Later Debunked

Life has been much easier ever since the automobile has been around. From traveling to shipments, pretty much everything now depends on them. Most of us currently own a car or have driven one sometime in the past, yet surprisingly, the number of people who actually know what goes on under the hood of their car is quite small.

Because of this, people who don’t know much about how their car works tend to believe what others say around them even if it’s about the most basic stuff. The big downside to this is that it gives credibility to certain facts that end up being nothing more than complete myths despite the fact that they sound really cool and you desperately want them to be true. We set out to search for some of the most famous ones and came up with this list of 22 car myths that we thought were true but were debunked later. Most of these will help you learn more about cars, but some might even end up saving you money.

22 Manual Transmission Offers Better Fuel Economy

While an automatic transmission is pretty common in the United States, in Europe and Asia, people generally prefer driving a manual. Most people have their own set of reasons behind why a manual is better than an automatic, but the most widely held belief is that a manual transmission offers much better fuel economy than an automatic.

This might’ve been true many years ago when the automatic transmission was a fairly new technology, but recent advances, such as the continuously variable transmission, have removed any advantage that a manual transmission had. In certain cases, it’s even better. It all now comes down to your own personal preference, and most car enthusiasts are definitely still going to prefer a manual transmission over an automatic one.


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