12 Lies a Car Salesman Will Tell You to Close the Deal

3. Your credit is bad

In the list of lies car salesmen tell, ones about your credit are usually the most subtle. Carbuyingtips.com describes it as a full-blown scam in which finance managers tells you your credit is 100 (or 200 or 300) points worse than it actually is. Using the false score, a car dealer will then offer you a loan at a higher interest rate. You could end up paying thousands of dollars more over the life of the loan if you believe these lies. Meanwhile, the salesman will make more from the high-interest loan. To avoid the trap, know your credit score before you enter the dealership.

4. An award makes the car great

If a car that appeals to you won an award from J.D. Power or a media outlet, a salesman might convince you it won because the car is better than the rest. Actually, a vehicle can win awards for many reasons. For example, J.D. Power’s Initial Quality awards come from owner feedback taken 90 days after purchase. When a model shows no problems over that span, it might win. Unfortunately, you have no idea what happened on Day 91. Likewise, a vehicle that won Truck of the Year in 2015 but had a full redesign in 2017 is completely different. Model years count, so make sure salesmen reference the precise vehicle you are considering.

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