12 Lies a Car Salesman Will Tell You to Close the Deal

Are you in the market for a new or used car? If so, you’re in luck: Automakers are delivering high-quality products almost across the board. Safety features that were once expensive options now come standard, and fuel economy made impressive gains in the past decade. In other words, the enthusiasm a car salesman shows on the lot might actually be real.

Unfortunately for consumers, salesmen still have incentive to lie. Pressure from a manager may be forcing them to close deals or find a new job. Though there are countless professional and honest car salesmen out there, others may look you in the eye and lie for their personal gain.

The next time you go shopping for a car, keep these factors in mind and watch out for the scams and half-truths you might hear on the lot. Here are 12 lies salesmen will tell to close a deal.

1. Clean Carfax = pristine car

When there is a car crash and the owner reports it to make an insurance claim, you will find the record on a Carfax report. However, in the event someone crashed the car and had it quietly fixed by a local mechanic, that accident would never appear. So when a dealer declares that the Carfax is clean, so you’re good, it’s not necessarily true. Have your own mechanic do an inspection and see if there were any unreported wrecks.

2. Your trade-in will fetch big money

A car salesman without a customer on the lot is like a basketball player without a court. They have no way to practice their trade without a potential buyer, so salesmen will go out of their way to get you in the door. One common trick is telling people over the phone they will get big money for the car they plan to trade in. Even if you describe a car in detail, a dealer won’t know for sure what he can offer until he sees it. So you can’t know what your trade-in will get and therefore you don’t know if you can afford the car in question.


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